At PLCUSA Inc., we do it all when it comes to the process of engineering, procuring or installing equipment in your mills. Whatever the project, we have over 15 years of referenceable experience that lets us provide you with start to finish solutions.

  • Design

    Not only do we provide professional engineering services for all of your needs but our extensive experience and cost conscious approach brings you innovative solutions and manufacturing strategies that are sure to provide the best possible return on your investments.

  • Sales & Installation

    PLCUSA teamed up with industry leading manufacturers to offer you a whole spectrum of top of the line equipment for your Sawmills and Planer Mills. Since PLCUSA is independent, we can properly guide you to the type and brand of equipment that best fit your needs and requirements.

    We also have in-house experienced and dedicated teams to execute turnkey installation projects. This service also caters to equipment manufacturers that require a professional team to implement their equipment on their customers’ premises.

  • Optimization

    Doing Things Right Vs. Doing The Right Thing…

    Like most things in life, doing things right is not the ultimate goal… doing the right thing is actually more profitable and sustainable. With PLCUSA, we will work with you to provide you the right solutions allowing you to do the right things, the right way!