Bin Sorters

  • Exclusive maintenance free tipples using air bags
  • Push-type design with chain raises
  • Pneumatic chain tensioners
  • Motorization and drive train electronically synchronized via VFD and encoders
  • Pneumatic soft discharges on every bin
  • Exclusive pneumatic synchronized clutch to protect against blocking and allowing auto-synchronization at restart
  • Automatic chain lubrication kit

Tray Sorters

  • The 1st horizontal trays sorter with smart cut-in-2 features that double the amount of available trays
  • Be no more restricted by the amount of trays, the Inotech design allow to put two different products in the same tray!
  • Proven and reliable design offering maximum of efficiency
  • Precise discharge bridge positioning via encoded electrical motorisation
  • As usual, customized to your needs!