Automatic Grading Optimizer

BoardMasterNOVA Grader Optimizer
for TRIMMER and EDGER lines

The BoardMasterNOVA automated grading solution allows sawmills to automatically grade and optimize production yield, all within a very small footprint in their production lines. The innovative design allows 100% of the boards surfaces to be scanned, analyzed, optimized and graded without ever being turned or manually handled.


  • Up to 300 boards/minutes
  • 100% Board visibility (No chain obstruction)
  • Highest image optimization resolution on the market
  • Laser Thickness measurement
  • Green or dry lines
  • Rough or planned boards
  • Cut-in-two, three
  • Strength grading
  • Shop grading
  • Component solutions
  • Ripping solutions
  • Edging and Re-edging solutions
  • Finger jointing solutions
  • Hardwood solutions